Later this week, I’ll board a 13-hour flight from Los Angeles to Beijing to take part in the Intel® Developer Forum on April 10-11.


If you are going to the event and are interested in what Intel is doing in the data center and connected systems market, I recommend that you first go hear our General Manager Diane Bryant give her keynote talk about the future of our business, on April 10 between 9 and 11:00am.


Then, you can hear me talk at two times during the conference: at my Poster Chat on April 10 at 2pm, and at my April 11 session presentation at 3:45pm (where I will pair up with Shashi Gowda of our Wind River Systems division).


In both talks, I’m going to be sharing how Intel sees the future of the software defined network (SDN) market and what product plans are in place to help OEMs participating in this market.


In this blog post, I’ll touch on my poster chat, and next week, I’ll provide an overview of the session presentation.  If you’ve never been to a poster chat, it is exactly what the words say – I have created a large poster and I describe it and answer any questions that come up.


My poster for IDF Beijing covers the following topics:

  • The evolution from traditional IP networks to SDN networks and the advantages that come from that.
  • A description of the Intel Ethernet Switch FM6000 functionality.  Here I will talk about how we get low latency and discuss our Seacliff Trail 48-port 10GB/40GB Ethernet switch reference design.
  • From there, I’ll go into a discussion of our software architecture that starts with APIs to open the FM6000 to SDN controllers, and contains the operating system and other software components necessary to fully implement SDN switching.
  • Then, I want to dig deeply into our FlexPipe frame forwarding architecture, which is built with advanced frame header processing that makes it flexible for an evolving standard like SDN.


It’s a lot to talk about in an hour, but I’m looking forward to providing a high-level overview that I can then explore further in my workshop.  More on that next week.