I work extensively with BMC’s, to be more precise those that design and write the firmware that runs on BMC’s.    This runs the range from initial code to make sure all the various interfaces (such as NC-SI or SMBus) are working properly to discussing advanced platform manageability features.


A few years ago I whipped up a little utility to exercise the BMC’s Ethernet interface.   This simple utility sends some basic IPMI/RMCP commands to an IP address, waits for a response and sends another command once a response is received.  It does so repeatedly, as a little stress test for the sideband interface to the BMC.  It has proved useful over the years for those beginning implementation on BMC’s.


I recently updated this utility as part of some work I’ve been doing for a paper I’m finishing up on NC-SI performance (will post soon on that one).   The utility and its brute-force code and Microsoft Windows binary is available up on sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ipmiping


It’s pretty simple; give it an IP address and optional options for what kind of packet you want to send to the BMC.


One of the updates I recently made was to display the network bandwidth being used.  What I discovered was that the standard request/response pattern used in IPMI, uses a maximum of about 0.6Mbps even at full speed. 


Anyhow – just in case somebody was interested, I thought I’d post a message letting folks know that this simple utility exists and I hope it is found to be of use.