The Intel Developer Forum is this week and the excitement is high. We’ve talked a lot about the Intel® Switch and Router Division’s solutions for software-defined networks (SDN), but here’s a chance for IDF attendees to see them first-hand and talk to some of the brains behind the technology. 


Why SDN? As the enterprise data center has evolved into virtualized cloud datacenter, the supporting networks have grown increasingly complex. In many cases, it means that data center designers are bound to a single vendor because there is no interoperability for the advanced functionality required. SDN promises to provide the needed management without the vendor lock in.  SDN orchestrates the network from an independent software controller which allows datacenter operators to pick the best networking equipment for each part of the network. 


If you are going to IDF and want to hear more about the Intel SDN story, stop by booth (#1122) to see our new SDN-enabled Intel Ethernet FM6764 switch silicon first hand in a top of rack switch reference design code named Seacliff Trail.  Also, you can join us at the following presentations to learn more:


Enabling Cloud Networks with Software Defined Networking: As part of the Cloud Computing Evolution of the Data Center track at IDF you can hear from our own Mike Zeile on what switches need to deliver to enable the next generation of cloud network fabric using SDN.  This presentation will be on Sept. 13 at 10:15 a.m.


Server Load Balancing in the ToR Switch Using Intel Ethernet Switch Silicon: Server load balancing is critical in the modern data center to help distribute heavy loads among multiple servers to achieve faster response times.  In this presentation, SRD’s Oscar Ham will talk about the server load balancing features that are built into the Intel Ethernet Switch FM6000 chips and what that means for networks. This presentation will be on Sept. 13 at noon.


Poster Chat: And finally, you can come talk to me at a poster chat on how SDN and server load balancing enables cloud networks.  I’ll be at poster chat station #7 at 11:45 am and 3:00 pm on Sept. 12.


IDF promises to be a great show and a great opportunity to show just how Intel can help networking manufacturers to implement SDN in systems they sell to next-generation data centers.  And stay tuned here as well for more information on the new products that we’ll launch at IDF.