Come and get the latest FPP Whitepaper: Configuring QoS Features with Intel* Flexible Port Partitioning 


I went back to see when I published the previous blog on Intel Flexible Port Partitioning (FPP).   It was way back in September!  A lot has happened in this part-time bloggers life since then, including moving on to do things other than virtualization and a trip to Antarctica! 


  1. Yes, it’s true, my brother and I went to the bottom of the world; it was a great experience despite the Drake PassageI even have proof, here’s a funny little fellow I took a picture of:



It took me a while to get caught up after my month long adventure with penguins, whales, seals and other interesting critters.  I was able to finally finish up the 2nd FPP whitepaper I promised so many months ago – sorry for the delay.


This paper entitled Configuring QoS Features with Intel Flexible Port Partitioning  details how to setup various teaming modes, VLANs and rate limiting when using SR-IOV Virtual Functions in your base Operating System or from within a Virtual Machine.


I enjoyed writing this paper and I hope that some of you find it of use as you explore using Flexible Port Partitioning using SR-IOV.


By way of reminder, I’ve many other blogs regarding SR-IOV, as well as a video explaining the SR-IOV technology and a video showing FPP in action.