a cloud environment, virtualization that stops at the server edge stops short of the potential of cloud computing. To operate a robust cloud environment, you also need to not only virtualize but unify your network and storage connections, so those resources can scale up and down with the needs of dynamic workloads. It’s this fully unified and virtualized combination that gives cloud greater flexibility and agility. This is a key point made in a new Unified Networking video now appearing on YouTube. This lively animation—produced on behalf of Intel—provides a high-level look at the benefits of Unified Networking solutions combining network and storage connections to enable better use of resources and better cloud performance. In animated graphics, the video shows that static network and storage connections can’t reallocate themselves to meet the dynamic needs of cloud workloads, and you end up wasting resources. The video also provides a look at a data center built around Unified Networking over 10 Gigabit Ethernet. The Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter used in this example provides more than just a wider pipe; it’s a smarter pipe. You don’t have to break a 10GbE pipe into smaller static connections when using Intel® Ethernet. It gives you the ability to dynamically reallocate bandwidth to provide the correct ratio of storage and network resources to meet the changing needs of individual workloads. The result? “You never have to over-engineer your data center to power your cloud,” the video tells us. If you can spare 4 minutes to watch this video, you can potentially see a new way to look at Unified Networking and how it can help you avoid inefficient hardware allocation in your cloud environment.




To get further details on this new way of looking at using 10GbE connections that the video outlines, check out the Unified Networking content on our Cloud Usage Models site.