Arista Networks & Intel Present:

Hadoop for the Common Man:

A practical working guide to building a cost-effective 10GBASE-T foundation

Thursday, March 29, 2012
10:00a.m.-11:00a.m. PST (GMT -8)

Duration: 1 Hour

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Business analytics represent a significant IT challenge. Large volumes of high quality data across disparate systems, with computational based search, analysis and data summarizations are necessary for providing actionable data to business groups. Over the last several years many companies have begun deploying Hadoop clustering technologies in response to these challenges.

While these Hadoop clusters offer faster and more reliable data results, several of the high performance networking and compute technologies, often cited when deploying these clusters, have been cost prohibitive and operationally disruptive for the broader data center consumer.

This webinar will discuss key networking technology shifts that substantially lower the barriers to entry for deploying Hadoop clusters. Specific topics include advances in 10GBASE-T server connectivity, scalable switching, and I/O optimization within the newest generations of Intel® Xeon® processors. Additionally, this webinar will discuss how to get started with a real world, performance proven, cluster example. Intel and Arista Networks will lead these discussions and will end with a web based question and answer session.

Attendees of this Webinar will also learn about:

  • The need for deep switch packet buffers when moving data files
  • I/O optimization requirements for MapTask and ReduceTask operations
  • Best practices and distance limitations specific to 10GBASE-T cabling
  • Topology designs for east/west Hadoop traffic patterns
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Mark Berly
Sr. Systems Engineer
Arista Networks
Mathew Eszenyi
Product Marketing Engineer