Time, tide, and embedded waits for no one. It’s been a while since we updated our release package for Windows Embedded operating systems, and I’m happy to announce that it is live. Our partners at the EDC were kind enough to host the file again, so start your downloading!  Okay, hold onto that thought for a second and let me explain a couple of things first.

     1)      Windows Embedded Compact 7 support.  We have native NDIS6-based drivers for WEC7. The drivers for WEC7 do not match the usual driver naming convention.  We have placed several technologies into one binary, the e1i.  See the file “DriverSelectionGuide.txt” for details about which silicon is supported by the e1i. If your favorite isn’t listed, continue to use the CE6 drivers. For Windows Embedded Standard 7, WES7, please build the image using the provided builder, THEN install the normal Win7 drivers from our normal release media.

     2)     Embedded Teaming support. We have XP Embedded teaming support. Just use these INFs with the normal release media ANS binaries. If you run into issues, reproduce with normal XP first since XPe can be built without a lot of packages that can cause false failures. Again build the image first, then install ANS.

     3)     Legacy 10/100 products get a swan song. While they are still on this release media, they may not be for long. Officially we have ended their life, and that means they can end up off the media at any time. I’m working on getting the source for a few 10/100 drivers published, but that is a ways out yet. If you want to be a beta tester for it, send me a message. This is only for 10/100--don’t expect or ask for others yet, please. Gotta shake out the system and an EOL product line is great for that. Thanks in advance for your patience and super kudos for many happy 10/100 years.

     4)     When is the next Embedded release? Good question. If you use Embedded Windows with Intel® Ethernet, call your disti, Intel sales rep or local Intel field person and demand they keep the support coming. Without your inputs, it might be a while, and it was already too long this time.

     Okay that is enough for now.  Here is the link again. Thanks for your patience, and leave a note if you use the package and want to see it regularly updated.

Thanks for using Intel Ethernet.