As you may know, Fulcrum Microsystems was acquired by Intel last September and is now the Intel Switch and Router Division (SRD).  Over the last several months we have been working hard to convert all of our switch documentation into the Intel format while at the same time, we have been building a new web page on the main Intel site to showcase this new Intel product line. We are happy to announce that this work is complete and you can now direct your web browsers to the new Intel Ethernet switch web page. This page provides overview information on our switch silicon that is currently in production.


For those of you who have access to the old Fulcrum document library, or if you need deeper technical information on our Ethernet switch products including pre-production silicon, please contact your local Intel sales representative. The old Fulcrum document library web portal will be disabled by the end of the March 2012. We will continue to offer technical support through the old Fulcrum web site until later this year. Stay tuned for more information.