Our commitment to providing you the most up to date documentation often means that the datasheet or spec update you just downloaded last month is now not current.  We try not to make a ton of changes, but erratum is part of the complex world we live and create in, so we like to publish those as things come up.   These public statements of our quality help you decided if what you’re buying is really what you think it is.  It would be easy to bury these deep behind some paywall, but that’s not how we roll.  Trust is something you earn every day, and with trust comes a relationship that business can be built on.
This is a major listing, since this article is a summary of the last several weeks of epublishing.


You can find Controller info here: http://www.intel.com/products/ethernet/resource.htm#s1=all&s2=all&s3=all


And Intel® Ethernet Switch details are here: https://www-ssl.intel.com/content/www/us/en/switch-silicon/switch-silicon-ethernet-switch.html


Intel® 82546GB GbE Controller Specification Update

Intel® 82573 GbE Controller Specification Update, 3.3

Intel® 82574 GbE Controller Family Datasheet, 3.1

Intel® 82576 GbE Controller Specification Update, 2.84

Intel® 82580EB/82580DB GbE Controller Specification Update, 2.43

Intel® 82583V GbE Controller Datasheet, 2.4


Intel® Ethernet Controller I350 Specification Update, 2.04


Intel® 82566 GbE PHY Specification Update, 2.4

Intel® 82577 GbE PHY Specification Update, 1.7

Intel® 82578 GbE PHY Datasheet, 2.4

Intel® 82578 GbE PHY Specification Update, 1.5



Intel® Ethernet Switch FM1010 Datasheet, 2.0

Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2112 Datasheet, 2.2

Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2212 Datasheet, 1.1

Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2224 Datasheet, 2.3


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