The e1000 driver has been around for many years.  But the products that are supported by the driver are starting to end of life.  That means keeping the driver in an active state becomes less and less useful.  But we remain committed to the driver, and here is how things will be different moving forwards.  The e1000 driver on* will not be changing. Any bug fixes or changes will be made only to the version. (It’s so important I’ve colored it red! ;)) We’ll still have the e1000 driver on, and thanks to it being open source, you can make your own fixes should you run into them.  We have no plans around other drivers at this time, and we’ll update you here on the blog should anything change.


NOTE: The e1000 driver will implement the change to a kernel only support model on/around Q2 of 2012.  If you have open issues you would like to see resolved, please submit them through as soon as possible.