As former employees of Fulcrum Microsystems, we are very pleased to now be part of Intel Corporation. Our group has remained largely intact within Intel. Our 10GbE and 40GbE switch silicon provides an ideal complement to Intel Ethernet controllers and embedded processors used in applications such as large data center networks, broadband access and network security.


Fulcrum switches are now a key part of Intel’s data center strategy. Large data centers require efficient scalability that cannot be provided with traditional enterprise networking gear. There has been a lot of press recently about the importance of flat networks as more and more east-west traffic starts to dominate the data center. In addition, a single client transaction can spawn multiple server-to-server workflows making latency important in networking equipment purchasing decisions. New data center networking requirements such as virtualization and data center bridging (DCB) elevate the need for coordination between Ethernet controllers and network switches.


By adding Fulcrum switch silicon to its data center product portfolio, Intel owns a complete family of silicon components to enable these new large and efficient data centers. Fulcrum switches have been designed from the ground up to provide low latency data center fabrics that can scale up to tens of thousands of 10GbE server port. In addition, Fulcrum switches can be optimized with Intel Ethernet controllers to provide superior virtualization and DCB features than can be found in competing solutions. As part of Intel, we will see our vision of the future data center networks become a reality.