My time as the virtualization guy in the Intel LAN group has all but ended.  My last major task will be over in just one more week.  I will be co-teaching a course at IDF in San Francisco next Thursday (September 15th)  entitled Using Industry Standards to Get the Most Out of 10 Gigabit Ethernet in Linux* Virtualization and Cloud Environments.



The bulk of this session will detail new usage models for SR-IOV, including solutions for migration of VM’s using SR-IOV.  I will also be discussing Flexible Port Partitioning, which is where we use SR-IOV Virtual Functions in the standard Linux kernel to provide a highly flexible mechanism to carve up your Ethernet connection.



My partner in crime (Brian Johnson) and I gave a version of this presentation at IDF in Beijing earlier in the year, it was very well received.  We have been working very hard to improve it since then – so we are hoping it is even better and even easier to follow.


So if you are going to be at IDF, please join us.



We will also be doing a live demonstration of Flexible Port Partitioning in the Intel Booth - #903 in the Data Center Zone.  I will be in the booth most of the time to answer questions.