VMworld was a neat show to go to.  Here is virtualization virtuoso Waseem at the booth showing off our demo. He’s the one on the left without the backpack.
More about the demo later.


In case you didn’t make it to the show, here are the highlights from an Intel® Ethernet viewpoint:

1)      People are deploying 10G and want to know the tips and tricks.  Brian Johnson had a great session that was attended by almost 1500 people.  It was so popular they needed a second session.  Almost 10% of the crowd went to one of the sessions.  If not for Hurricane  Irene cutting attendance, it would have been more.

2)      Ecosystem partners are taking notice of Intel Network solution as a best in class partner.  We received nice comments from partners in their classes.  Steve Herrod from VMware said they achieve 1M IOPS on vSphere* 5 with “with software FcoE and Intel.”  Pat Gelsinger from EMC had this to say:

“And we’re also very happy – and Steve may have stolen my thunder at little bit this morning, Mr. Herrod – our 4x more bandwidth through VNX, that we were able to show 10 GB per second through a single VM utilizing the FCoE technology from Intel running as a software stack of FCoE, you know.  No funky ASICs are required, right, able to run truly in a full software stack riding the Intel technology curve.  And taking advantage of a single VNX 7500 for approximately a 4x increase in the bandwidth of a single array into a single VM.  Truly, a powerful result.”

Mr. Gelsinger was kind enough to stop by our booth later and watch our demo.

3)      We met a great bunch of people.  Felix, Avram, Larry, Jean and a whole bunch of people that just stopped by to see what we were there to talk about.   We had blogger Roger Lund stop by for a quite a bit to kick the tires on our setup.

4)      What they came to the booth to see was our demo of 10 Gigabit and Unified Networking.  We had two servers each running vSphere 5.  One had 6 VMs, of various sizes of RAM from 1GB to 32GB, and FCoE and iSCSI storage.  We even booted one of the server boxes via iSCSI, allowing it to be diskless.  For the coup de grace of our demo, we used vMotion* to move all 6 VMs at the same time from one box to another.  As we started the vMotion, we would ask the visitor to guess how long it would take.  We had answers like 2 minutes, all the way to 10 minutes.

Using both ports of the Intel® Ethernet Server Adapter X520-DA2, it took around 20 seconds to move them all.  At the same time!

We had several people that were so excited by this performance, they starting planning their X520 deployment right there on the show floor.  You’ll see some of those in future whitepapers.

5)      Waseem (he’s so camera shy, he’ll probably get after me for showing that much of him in the picture!) knows so much about virtualization and virtualization deployments that he was able to diagnose BIOS problems, driver incompatibilities, and corrected a couple of installs from the demo!  I learned a ton from him about virtualization and you’ll read about some of that in the months ahead here on the blog.

6)      On a personal note, I got to do some fun stuff.  If you look deep into the background, you’ll see another show vendor that brought along a world record holder to compete against show attendees.  She beat them all, including me!

If you were at VMworld share your story in the comments section!  Hope to see you soon at another Intel® Ethernet event!