Trade shows are always fun.  You make new friends, you see old friends (like EMC’s Pat Gelsinger) and you get to show people what your product can really do.  For the demo at the booth today, I’ve been using vMotion* on vSphere5* to move six vm’s from one machine to another machine using Intel® Ethernet.  The 10 Gigabit pipe of the Intel® Ethernet Server Adapter x520-DA2 makes it happen so fast.  To make it more fun, I make booth visitors guess how long it will take to move them.  All six.  At the same time.  I get guesses than run from ten minutes to one minute.

It takes on average 17 seconds.   To move all six.

They can’t believe it.  But it’s real.

Stop by the Intel booth at VMworld and I’ll show you too.  Booth number 738.