I get the PCN for all of our products, so I was wondering too.  So I asked Bob Sem, Regulatory guru for Wired Ethernet.  Here is what Bob said:


Let’s see if I can explain.  Back on January 21, 2011 we received notification that the Korean regulatory folks had re-organized and along with the re-org came a new regulatory mark.  The regulators determined that not only all new products entering Korea after January 24, 2011 (3 days after notification) must carry the new mark colored in dark blue, gold, silver or black showing EMC certification but all previously certified products with the old mark must carry the new logo after July 1, 2011 as well.

Well, the regulations were pretty vague and industry lobbied with little impact and the clock kept ticking.  We did learn the B2B products were not in scope but since our LAN products can be purchased through many different outlets, the end buyer could be just about anybody and the B2B exception could not be used.  The regulators did relax their color requirement allowing us to include the mark on our silkscreen. Whew!

By the time we had enough information to initiate the changes on over 200 product codes, the effective date was right around the corner. This conversion is what caused the PCN’s to be issued with more to come – around 40 in total.   Kudos to our Ops team, the PCN writer and all involved!

Note: This conversion requirement is not the norm.  Usually countries allow up to two years to convert, and many countries allow the use of the old mark on sustaining and only mandate new marks on new products.


That answered my questions, and hopefully yours too.  If not, ask in the comments and I'll get Bob to answer.