Several drivers and software updates were combined in version 16.4 of Intel® Network Connections software. Many of you posted information in the discussion threads that helped us identify the bugs. Thank you for the information and your patience.


Searching the Intel Download Center  for “16.4 Network” will find most of the files. Add your OS, (e.g. Windows 7) to the search to narrow the results.

The long awaited e1q driver fixes are available in version 16.4. Some of the issues that were discussed in the communities include:

  • Blue screen of death in Windows* 7 on Intel® 82583V Gigabit Network Connection 
  • Dropped video packets during multicast on Intel® 82574L Gigabit Network Connection
  • Blue screen of death during Hyper-V cluster failover when VMQ is enabled on Intel® Gigabit ET, ET2, and EF Multi-Port Server Adapters
  • Communications lost when VMQ is enabled on teams of Intel® Gigabit ET, ET2, and EF Multi-Port Server Adapters


Besides the e1q drivers mentioned above, the e1c, ixn and e1e Windows* drivers and Linux* drivers, e1000e, ixgbe and igb were updated along with improvements to Intel® PROSet for Windows Device Manager and the ANS software used for VLANs and teaming.


I should also mention that the authors of the User Guides work hard to improve the guides and keep them up to date. Almost every software release has User Guide updates, and the version 16.4 release is no exception.


Thank you for using Intel® Ethernet.