I’ve been lucky enough in my life to see some amazing feats of engineering during my travels.


Things like the Falkirk Wheel (above), The Taipei 101 and an achievement of the ages that is once again headline news, the Space Shuttle.  I’ve talked about it before, but as the Space Shuttle era ends, I look back with pride at the time Ethernet and Space came together.

After the Columbia disaster, NASA needed a way to inspect the shuttle and its launch debris field as the orbiter was still low enough in altitude to successfully abort the mission.  This effort became known as the Shuttle Safe program, and NASA engineers decided to use high definition video feeds to watch for dangerous ice and foam chunks.  The problem was distributing this data to Houston Mission Control and other analysis sites.  Gigabit was the answer.  Our Intel® 82546GB Gigabit Ethernet Controller was used on the winning solution, but there were some challenges with the design.  Until the issues were resolved, the Shuttle couldn’t launch.    As you can tell, we solved the challenge, and I watch every shuttle launch knowing that my personal work helped keep the brave astronauts on the mission safe.

Here is a picture taken using our 82546GB.


I hope you’ll drop me a line if I’ve helped you create something awesome so I can add to my list to great engineering feats.

Thanks for using Intel® Ethernet, and I hope one day Intel® Ethernet will be in space again.