As outlined in our earlier Linux process blog, we’ve updated our major Linux drivers.  Here is a summary of the changes for each at a high level.

ixgbe: 3.4.24

Supports kernel versions up through  Changes in this release:

  • New Intel® 82599 10 Gigabit Ethernet Contoller support for device ID 154d 8086 7b11
  • Enable rx hash use for the stack
  • New Intel® 82599 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller support for device ID 10f8 1028 1f63
  • ethtool support for disabling RxCSUM - X540 OS2BMC support
  • Support for Dell* customizations
  • Support for UPD RSS (no packet frag)
  • Improved ethtool support for Perfect Filter
  • Allow Perfect Filter w/ DCB and SR-IOV

e1000e: 1.4.4

  • Intel® 82579 Gigabit Ethernet Controller: Fix for Tx Hang on FTS ME Platform
  • Intel® 82571 Gigabit Ethernet Controller: Add device id to fix for alternate MAC address feature
  • Upstream commits: 25db0338, 70739497 and 14ad2513, Change ethtool interfaces to use ethtool_cmd_speed[_set] API.
  • Convert use of receive descriptors from legacy to extended format to allow future enablement of advanced features such as timesync and RPS.

igb: 3.1.16

  • Fix for Malicious Driver Detection Feature on i350 devices in a virtualized environment.
  • Add module parameter for DMA Coalescing feature to allow user to determine approximate latency setting at init.
  • Updated DMA Coalescing init parameters per performance test lab results. Feature now saves more power.
  • Fix for problem found in pre-release RHEL 5.7 which caused a panic at device configuration.
  • Added function to set rx_hash and a call to it during receive. Not changeable by ethtool at this time, however.


*modified later in the posting day, I used an acronym wrong.