Here at the Wired Blog we get to talk about the fun new things that we are working on.  Here’s the scoop on one of our newer technologies.  I’m excited to talk about IEEE 1588*-2008 (v2) support for select 1G and 10G Ethernet controllers.  We have worked closely with four companies to offer broad OS and support offerings in the IEEE 1588 product space.  Intel® Ethernet controllers support hardware hardware-enabled IEEE 1588, a standard that defines PTP (Precision Time Protocol), a high-precision time protocol for clock synchronization used in measurement and control systems residing on a local area network. Combined with software solutions from On-Time Systems* (Norway), Real-Time Systems* (Germany), IXXAT* (Germany), or Oregano Systems* (Austria), a customer can take advantage of the benefits of accurate clock awareness throughout their network.  So far we have helped this gang of four develop with some major finance companies, automotive companies as well as military applications.  We can’t name names yet, but all four companies are delivering 1588 solutions to Fortune 500 companies across the planet.

IEEE 1588 is designed to fill application needs not well served by either of the two dominant protocols, NTP and GPS. IEEE 1588 is designed for local systems requiring very high accuracies beyond those attainable using NTP. It is also designed for applications that cannot bear the cost of a GPS receiver at each node, or for which GPS signals are inaccessible. The current Intel controllers supporting IEEE 1588 are the Intel® 82574, 82576, and 82580 Gigabit Ethernet Controllers, the Intel® 82599 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller, and Intel® Ethernet Controller I350.