When is SourceForge Updated?

That’s the beauty of SF.  We update it whenever we need to!  For example the 2.4.12 driver would suffer some compile issues with the 2.6.37 kernel.  So we address the issue and post the 2.4.13 immediately.  Normally SF will be updated based on our internal beat rate, once a quarter or so, but when the issue is urgent we can post when we need.


But won’t that make it hard for me to plan?

We would rather release when we need to for quality improvements as needed rather than artificially sit on stuff to make sure we hit a beat rate.  You can always use whatever driver you want on your own beat rate.


How do I update a kernel driver with a SF driver?

Covered that here.  So easy a Marketing guy can do it.


What Intel® Network stuff is up on SF?

We don’t just stash our drivers on our own website.  As you saw a little while ago, we also have drivers on our partners’ websites.  We also have a full Linux* driver repository on SourceForge.  Located at e1000.sf.net or e1000.sourceforge.net, it is where we keep all our public Linux drivers.   Goto http://sourceforge.net/projects/e1000/files/ to see all the various branches, versions and manuals that enable the Linux driver.  The igb driver is for the Intel® 82575, 82576, and 82580 based implementations, both LOM and NIC.  All other PCI Express* bus interface products are supported by the e1000e driver.  The old and original e1000 is just for the PCI/PCI-X products.  If you go back in that driver to the 7.x timelines you find versions that do support some PCI Express silicon.  Use the e1000e instead of that older driver.  The ixgbe driver is for our 10 Gigabit PCI Express product line.  If you want the older Intel® 82597 10 Gigabit PCI-X adapter, you’ll need to dig!  (It’s in the archive).


When should I update my driver?

If you aren’t seeing any issues, then you only need to update when you introduce new hardware.  We continually update the quality of our offerings, so updating on occasion might be wise.  As we uncover erratum the driver will be modified to address those concerns.


What are the posting rules of the SF space?

We limit the people who have admin rights to just Intel people.  How that all works is the topic of this blog.


Why isn’t the FreeBSD* stuff up here?

Good question.  We’ve wrestled with that before, and will certainly do it again.  The FreeBSD driver has a very different license, feature set, etc, and it would be easy to download the FreeBSD driver when you meant to download the Linux version if they are all hanging out together.  Some packages have the same names, like the ixgbe, and we don’t want to make a mess.  The FreeBSD crowd seems happy getting it from our website or from the FreeBSD site.  If you want to see it on SF, post a comment and I’ll get that to the SF team and see what they think.

You didn’t FAQ my question, why?

Include it in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!


As always, thanks for using Intel® Ethernet products!