I will be manning a booth at the Red Hat Summit next week in Boston.  In this booth, I will be doing a live demonstration of  Intel® SR-IOV in a Linux* OS to effectively and efficiently utilize a 10Gb Ethernet connection for kernel processes such as iSCSI, Backup, NFS, etc., while also providing direct access to the Intel® 10Gb Ethernet device from a Virtual Machine.


I will further be discussing how using an Intel SR-IOV capable Ethernet device gives you instant QoS by the inherent nature of our round-robin scheduling.  Then I’ll be showing you how our controller and drivers allow you to enforce even more QoS by applying transmit rate limiting to individual SR-IOV Virtual Functions.


So come around and find me in Booth #412.  I’ll be the terribly handsome guy talking all about SR-IOV features being used in both a virtualized and non-virtualized environment.  And I do mean terribly handsome.  My esteemed co-worker, Greg, will also be there with me answering questions. Greg is the primary author of the Open Source SR-IOV drivers for the Intel® Ethernet controllers.


Not sure what and SR-IOV is?  Click on the link to see a video explanation.  I also have the PCI-SIG SR-IOV Primer you might want to check out.


I will soon have some whitepapers and additional blogs on this topic.  So stay tuned!