In 2009, Intel started adding code verification labels to some Intel® Ethernet adapters. Today, nearly every Intel Ethernet adapter sold comes with the label. The blue holographic background to the number codes makes the label hard to miss.


Here is an example of a code verification label.

But what does this label mean to you?

You can use the code to verify that your Intel® Ethernet adapter is genuine. The code on each adapter is unique and can be matched to other information about the adapter. Verification is quick and easy.


  1. Browse to verify.
  2. Enter the verification code and click Trace.
  3. Check that the results match your adapter.

If everything matches, then you have a genuine Intel Ethernet adapter. Finished!

If you are wondering where to find the Mac Address and PBA number, they can be found in the serial number on the component side of the Intel Ethernet adapter. The first set of numbers is the Mac address and the last set of numbers is the PBA number.

You can learn more about the verification label at