Here at the Wired community, you know we like to talk to you about our Ethernet products.   We aren’t the only ones talking about it.  The good guys over at Tom’s Hardware* have been talking about it too.  Since there is almost always more to the story, I asked Joe Edwards, included in the article, what it was like to be profiled in such detail.

Q:  You really showed them around, how long were you at it?

Joe Edwards:  The writer came by the office around 9am and we talked his ear off until a bit after 4pm.  I think by 1:30 he was more than a little glazed over.

Q:  Glazed?

JE: <laughs> The Tom’s Hardware audience demands a lot of detail and we gave it to him!  Most people would have been overloaded by noon, but he kept with us for a while.

Q: So how did he overcome the glazing?

JE:  He had a digital recorder with him and we filled it up.  The writer commented something along the lines that he had thought he was a technical writer before but after Pete went on about signal theory he wasn’t sure anymore.

Q: Was it just the writer?

JE:  Samantha, the PR consultant, tagged along, as did Brian from Wired Ethernet Comms, the photographer, William the writer, Pete, and I and sometimes others all in the X-Lab.

Q:  That’s a lot of people!

JE:  It really made the moment feel important since this wasn’t just the normal tour of the X-Lab.   You could tell this was going to be bigger.

Q: What didn’t get into the article?

JE:  We talked a bit about the Intel® 82599 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller and high speed serial interface characterization work that also happens in the X-Lab.  That is my area of expertise and I was hoping it would make an appearance in the article.  But the Intel® Ethernet Controller 10 Gigabit X540 is a game changer and was the clear choice for the article.  There is a possibility of a follow-up article on Fibre Channel over Ethernet and High Speed Serial topics, but nothing planned.  (Editor’s note:  If you want to see that type of article, please comment!!)

Q:  What does the X-Lab mean to Wired Intel® Ethernet quality?

JE:  The X-Lab, as amazing as it is, represents just one part of our validation coverage, the platform physical layer.  We have an army of people that do software testing, interoperability, higher level protocol testing not to mention physical testing.  We have labs of many shapes and sizes and not just the X-Lab.  The X-Lab might be the coolest, but it takes all of them to ship a quality product.

Joe Edwards is a high speed serial conformance engineer at Intel.