From time to time I get questions about which Intel® Ethernet controllers support iSCSI Boot for VMware* ESX. In the not-too-distant-past this was a very easy question to answer because, while there are a number of Intel® Ethernet devices that support iSCSI Boot, VMware did not have support for iSCSI Boot until VMware ESX 4.1, making it a simple answer.



However as of ESX 4.1, VMware does support iSCSI Boot on a growing number of Intel® Ethernet controllers and it was becoming more and more difficult for me to simply rattle off the Intel® Ethernet controllers that supported iSCSI Boot.  So I went up to VMware’s HCL page here and did a search for “Intel iSCSI Boot” under the “IO Devices” tab.  The result of which was a big goose-egg – no controllers found.



After some research, I found out that VMware does not refer to this technology the way we at Intel do.  We call it iSCSI Boot, the VMware HCL refers to it as IBFT (iSCSI Boot Firmware Table).



So, a refined search came up with a much better result.  Over 80 Intel® Ethernet devices show up that support iSCSI Boot (IBFT).



So if you want to know what Intel® Ethernet Controllers support iSCSI Boot for VMware ESX, simply click here to see the comprehensive list.