Future Intel® Ethernet Server LOMs (LAN On Motherboard) will have a new technology that will allow the server to communicate with the on-board BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) over the LOM via standard Ethernet.  The technology is called OS2BMC.




Why is this important? Consider a datacenter where you have hundreds or even thousands of servers, all with BMCs for monitoring the health of the individual servers.  There is usually some sort of management application running in the datacenter to actively monitor those systems remotely over the network.  The management application sends packets over the Ethernet to a server, where the Intel® Ethernet Server LOM examines the packet and determines the packet is destined for the BMC (instead of the host) and sends it to the BMC.




This is a very reliable, cost effective and well-known management paradigm.  Now consider that you have several of these servers dedicated to monitoring and managing the other servers in the datacenter.  These servers can communicate with all the other BMCs in the datacenter via the network, however they cannot communicate with the local BMC over the Ethernet – it must use a local interface that is completely different than Ethernet.




This essentially requires the management application to be able to communicate via two different mechanisms (Ethernet and local), resulting in additional engineering and evaluation tasks.




The OS2BMC technology in upcoming Intel® Ethernet Server LOMs provides a communication path to the local BMC over the Ethernet, simplifying the management application significantly.




I’ve created a video for your viewing that provides a good background for why this technology is cool, and how it works.



Please take a watch and let me know what you think.