We on the Intel® Ethernet Virtualization team have just finished up the 2nd paper in a series about Ethernet in a virtualized environment.  The 1st paper is a study in best practices with VMware® ESX 4.0 and 10Gb Ethernet, as introduced in an earlier blog:




The new paper discusses how one might need to re-imagine the way the Ethernet in the datacenter looks when you introduce racks of servers employing virtualization solutions.  Historically a rack of servers had two or more 1Gb Ethernet uplinks to a top of rack switch, which in turn was uplinked usually to a 10Gb Ethernet backbone in the datacenter.



With virtualization, you can imagine that the virtual machines have Ethernet uplinks to the virtual switch within the Hypervisor/VMM – this becomes essentially what was traditionally a top of rack switch, connecting all the virtual machines in the physical server within a rack.  Now all of these physical servers employing virtual switches can be uplinked with 10Gb Ethernet connection to a 10Gb Ethernet switch at the top of the rack, which in turn is still connected to the 10Gb Ethernet backbone in the datacenter.




This latest paper is available here:



We had printouts of this at IDF just last week and it was well received, with many well-known companies looking to re-brand the document and publish it themselves.




Give it a read and let us know what you think.