Acronyms are handy things.  They take long names or concepts and shorten them to easy to use quick links.    The bad news is not everyone knows what a given acronym means. Like PCN.

In our case, PCN stands for Product Change Notification.   Now nobody necessarily likes it, but even after a product is launched, it can change.  A supplier might change a sub-component, there might be a legal issue like new labeling requirements or even something as mild as a change in the OUI could trigger a product change.  You could visit the Intel® Quality Document Management System (QDMS) system regularly, or you could have it show up in your inbox.

Yes much like pizza, you can get PCNs delivered.  Once you register you can select which product types you will get information on, and you can even select which type of key characteristic changes will trigger you getting notified.  There’s even a field for product discontinuance.   I get them delivered into my inbox and I work with these products day in and day out.  I find out about stuff that I had no idea about, like our recent label change for an European Union label update.

If that link doesn’t work for you, you’ll need to register.  But once registered it can show up in your inbox like it did for me.

You know we try to end with a review!

1)      Intel is committed to keeping our customers informed about product changes

2)      You can get these product changes in your inbox

3)      Thanks for using Wire Intel® Ethernet.