Part 3 of our “probably-going-to-regret-calling-it-this” trilogy of “how-to” videos for Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) is by far the most in-depth one.  We do it all in fewer than three minutes.  No fancy GUIs here, we’ve got work to do!  Linux* segments all the layers of the FCoE onion a bit more clearly than under Windows*, so there is more to configure.  Mike is mute this time, letting the screen do the talking.  You can install the FCoE package using your favorite method, yum, zyppy, signal flags or hand compile.  After that, use tools like dcbtool, fcoeadm, lsscsi and old favorites like ethtool to get it up and running.  Once it’s all attached use mkfs and fdisk to bring it all on line. 

1)      SLES is more steps to configure than other O/Ss, but this video will get you going.

2)      While some people are saying FCoE is hard, Intel is doing its best to make it easy

3)      Thanks for using wired Intel® Ethernet.