Our first video was how to get Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) installed and basically configured on Windows* Server 2008 R2.  What if you wanted to boot that server from FCoE?  After our articles on PXE, this one is pretty easy.   Again, Mike walks through the configuration process and shows this isn’t just foilware, but working technology. Once the CTRL+D is used, the magic begins.  Mike is the quiet type, so there will be times when he lets the screen do the talking.  Rest assured that the audio is working correctly.  Mike then wraps up with “BootUtil,” the super configuration tool for our preboot technologies.  BootUtil is covered in more details here.

Next up in our video “how-to” cavalcade is a visit to the penguins! Show that review!

1)      Our FCoE solution spans from boot to O/S present.

2)      While some people are saying FCoE is hard, Intel is doing its best to make it easy.

3)      Thanks for using wired Intel® Ethernet.