One of the problems with new technologies is getting them installed correctly.  Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) is a compound of two separate technologies.  (Technically its three since Data Center Bridging must be used to get the Ethernet loss rates down to storage network required levels. That’s a whole ‘nother post)   So its not just an Ethernet driver that has to be installed; it requires a storage driver, a protocol driver and an Ethernet driver.  Our installer puts them all together.  This video is our man Mike doing a walkthrough of the installation and showing how to use the Intel® PROSet tool to see how the FCoE and DCB can be configured.  Mike finishes it off by getting the FCoE volumes online using disk manager and then using the new storage.  Before you try FCoE on Server 2008 R2, take a quick view of this show.  It runs just a touch over five minutes

Big review!

1)      Intel provides a walkthrough of steps to get your FCoE running on Server 2008 R2

2)      While some people are saying FCoE is hard, Intel is doing its best to make it easy

3)      Thanks for using wired Intel® Ethernet.