Intel is pleased to announce that the Intel® Ethernet X520 Server Adapters now support FCoE (Fiber Channel over Ethernet).  Specifically, Intel has made available an FCoE initiator for Windows* Server 2008 and 2003.  You can find this initiator on both the CD that ships with the product and Intel’s support site as “Intel® Network Connections Software Release 15.4.”  This release provides a WHQL-certified Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008 stack that is optimized for the Intel X520 product family.  Linux*-based FCoE initiators from different distributions including RedHat*, Novell*, and Oracle* are expected later this year.  This FCoE initiator is going through the qualification process at various storage target vendors. 

Storage certification status is as follows (warning!  HTML tables!):

Vendor   Certification


Microsoft* WHQL


Cisco* Nexus* 5000

Target Q3’ 2010


Target Q3’ 2010

EMC Elabs*

Target Q3’ 2010


Current validated switch list:




FCoE Switch



Nexus 5020


Nexus 5010


Brocade 8000

FC Switch



MDS 9216A




MDS 9222i


Brocade 4800



FCoE encapsulates Fiber Channel* frames over standard Ethernet networks, enabling Fiber Channel to take advantage of 10 GbE networks while preserving its native protocol.  The X520 server adapters offer FCoE hardware acceleration to provide performance comparable to FC HBAs.  The X520 family of adapters support Data Center Bridging (DCB), which allows customers to configure traffic classes and priorities to deliver a lossless Ethernet fabric for FCoE traffic.  By incorporating the FCoE initiator, an Intel Ethernet X520 Server Adapter reduces TCO by eliminating redundant fabrics and saves the cost of expensive FC HBAs and FC switch ports.  The X520 Server Adapter family now supports all of your communication needs, including LAN, NAS, iSCSI, and FCoE.

Customers seeking direct support with the FCoE initiator can contact:

The  product is expected to begin shipping with the FCoE initiator June 30, 2010.