An update to the PXE software that is integrated into the BIOS of some new computers with built-in Intel® Gigabit Network Connections is causing PXE boot to fail with an error: 


PXE-E74 bad or missing pxe menu and or prompt information.


The issue appears when the boot menu sent from the PXE server is long enough to cause the information to be split into two option fields. In this case the client does not accept the information from both options, and you see the error.


Intel has made a fix available to manufacturers to integrate into a future BIOS update. While you are waiting for the next BIOS update, here is a workaround that will allow you to use PXE boot.



As a workaround you can configure your PXE server to shorten the length of the boot menu.


If you have an add-on Ethernet Adapter

If you upgraded the Intel® Boot Agent on a plug-in adapter, then an updated flash update utility (IBAUtil) with the fix is available.

Do not attempt to use IBAUtil on a built-in network connection. IBAUtil can only update PXE on a plug-in adapter. If you have a built-in network connection, you will have to use the workaround until a fix is provided by your computer manufacturer.


Download  IBAUtil for Intel® Network Adapters.