Stumbled upon a great article:  10Gbit Ethernet: Killing Another Bottleneck? that details some of the bottlenecks having to do with Ethernet performance (both throughput and CPU utilization) in a virtualized environment.



I thought it was a great article not only because it refers to and uses some graphic from a paper I wrote two years ago on Virtual Machine Device Queue (VMDq) (available here), but that it also shows the tremendous performance benefits that can be realized using VMware* NetQueue and Intel VMDq technologies.



While the article incorrectly identifies Intel VMDq technology as a SR-IOV solution (I’ve written the author of the article explaining what the difference is, hopefully the article will soon be updated), it does show the benefits of Intel’s 10GbE solution in a virtualized environment.



I encourage you to go and read this article and take a look at the results they find.  After you have taken a look at it, you can then go look at a small video I put together last year that essentially shows the same results that the article found.  The video is here.