A little while ago we launched the Windows* embedded operating systems driver support package up onto the EDC website.  Once in the field an issue was discovered that would stop the e1y driver getting DHCP traffic on CE6* under some conditions.  Given the nature of the defect, we elected to field a new version of the webpack with an updated driver.  We also updated the entry readme, the one in the zip file, to correct the missing 1501 device ID from before.  The Driver_Selection_Guide.txt in the webpack is still missing it however.  We didn’t want to add any further delays, and our risk management policies enforced that we could only change the driver inside the webpack.  It’s the same link location as in the original announcement, so if you’ve downloaded it after Feb 3rd, 2010, you’ve got the new version.  Another way to check if you have the right one is the webpack installer is dated in January, where the old one has a November date.  Digging even further, just in case you’ve already installed it and deleted the webpack, the changed files are in the \PRO1000\WINCE6.0\PCIe folder, e1y51ce6.dll and e1yce6.rel.  These will be dated January 19th, 2010.  All other driver files will be the same.  (There is a build tracking file, verfile.tic, that changes on all our builds, but that isn’t a driver file so it doesn’t count and it should be ignored.)

Sorry we didn’t catch this defect before launch, and it only impacts the e1y driver. 

Review time!

1)      Here is the updated webpack (It’s the same link location as the old one)

2)      Only the e1y driver is effected, and only ones dated before 2010

3)      Thanks for using wired Intel® Ethernet.