This coming Thursday, January 14, Intel and Microsoft* will host a webcast on  server connectivity to iSCSI SANs and make an announcement of a breakthrough in iSCSI networking performance. 


We’ll discuss how:

·      Every server ships ready for immediate iSCSI connectivity with iSCSI support embedded in Intel® Ethernet Server Adapters and the Microsoft Server Operating System in both physical boot  and virtualized environments. 

·      Intel and Microsoft collaborated on the latest releases, Windows Server® 2008 R2, Intel®Xeon® 5500 Processor Server Platform and Intel® Ethernet 10GbE Server Adapters to deliver breakthrough performance and new I/O and iSCSI features. 

·      Intel and Microsoft are ensuring that native iSCSI products can scale to meet the demands of cost conscious medium size businesses and large Enterprise class data centers.

·      Intel® Ethernet Server Adapters provide hardware acceleration for native Windows Server Network and Storage protocols to deliver great iSCSI performance, while allowing IT Administrators to utilize native, trusted, fully compatible OS protocols.  This is critical because for any protocol or technology to be successful on Ethernet it must adopt the plug-and-plays economies of scale characteristics of the ubiquitous Ethernet network to be successful.  Native iSCSi in the OS and Intel adapters does just this, which had led to the tremendous growth iSCSI has experienced over the last 3 years. 

·      Intel and Microsoft are addressing the challenges of server virtualization network connectivity with Server 2008 R2 to deliver near-native performance and features.


Please join Jordan Plawner, Intel Senior Product Planner for Storage Networking and Suzanne Morgan, Microsoft Senior Program Manager, Windows Storage, to hear the big news.  


Use this link to register for the webcast: