I'm pleased to announce the public posting of the drivers for a bunch of key operating systems for the Embedded market segment (i.e. Intel® 82574 and 82567 Gigabit Ethernet connections).  We are hosting the files up on the Embedded Design Center, a key portal for development with Intel® processors and products in the Embedded market.  We have been providing the files and installer manually to customers in need, but we finally got the ship release authorization to make them all public.  A multiple year program it finally provides key operating system support for several Microsoft* Embedded operating systems.


     In the download is a file called DriverSelectionGuide.txt which outlines the devices ID supported by which driver.  The other file is the actual installer for the webpack.  After you accept the license, it will put the files into a folder (normally called C:\IntelEmbedded7.0) with all the sub folders holding the goods.  After that its broken up by family type, PRO100, PRO1000 and PROXGB.  Now I bet you saying what is 10 Gigabit doing in Embedded?  Microsoft Windows XP* (the normal version) is a regular request and while we can't support it on our normal product releases, it is placed here for the ease of install for our customers. If you are interested in XPE* for 10G, drop me a line via the private e-mail function in my profile, and we can talk about options.  The plumbing in XP can't handle the burden of 10G, but for some that is an acceptable limitation and we don't like saying no to our customers.  Please read the DriverSelectionGuide for some important 10 Gigabit information.


     We also have some older Embedded software, also known as CE5* in the webpack.  CE5 is not available for all parts, notably for the more modern 1 Gigabit parts.  If you require CE5 for the newer parts, please contact your Intel field sales representative so we can build a business case for possible future development.  You probably are also wondering why there are Server2003* and Server2008* directories.  Those are not Embedded!  Au contaire!  It is often joked that Embedded is just Latin for "Everything else" (it's really panton alius) We often have customers that want to use desktop boards in server type functionality.  Most in the network attached storage world, they need the extra connections that a server operating system can support.  As a time to market tradeoff, not all our desktop parts have server operating system support.  This closes that gap.  These files and the XP ones for 10 Gigabit do not come with the digital signing files, called CAT files, and will install with warnings.  For an Embedded design that is okay since an end-user will never see the warning.  We have no plans for getting the certifications for the extra files.


     In the coming clean department, there is one oversight in the DriverSelectionGuide.txt file.  We have support for the 1501 device ID for CE6 and XPE in the drivers and install packages, but missed getting it into the selection guide.  So if you need the 1501 device ID for CE6 or XPE, rest assured it's in there.  We are working on fixing the DriverSelectionGuide, but had to go to press with what we had on hand.

Here is the driver link in text for copy paste purposes:  http://edc.intel.com/Download.aspx?id=2795&returnurl=/Software/Downloads/default.aspx


Thanks to the Embedded Design Center for allowing us to host the files on their site!


Time for the usual review:

1)  CE6 and XPE files are now publicly available

2)  1501 device is supported.

3)  Thanks for using Intel(R) Ethernet products!