Intel has a great policy of allowing an eight week sabbatical every seven years.  Just before he left on his sabbatical, my hardware equivalent sent me this note.  It is a quick note that can help you save time on your design.  When he comes back, he'll be joining me on the blog, but until then, the words of Jeff Hockert!


Design reviews are important. Plain and simple.

A last check by a content expert can save you time when you fab the board, save you money so you don't have to spin the board, and generally helps the process of a successful design with Intel moving forward.  Let me share with you a little secret <lower voice>, you can be an Intel Ethernet expert... Just use the checklist and appnotes that we provide you with on Developer and IBL/CDI.  These checklists have been validated by hundreds of designs and improve your chances of a successful Ethernet experience. We tell you how to use interfaces you need and help you terminate ones you don't.  The checklists are used by our design engineers for our network interface cards and are reflective of most of the "secrets" of a good design. You can find most of these schematic and layout checklists under the part number on developer and in IBL/CDI (if you know what those are you probably have access, if you don't well, you won't) under the part number in question. Use them as a last check and send them to Intel TMEs when you have completed them as part of our review for you. 


Yes, we will do design reviews for you at no additional cost to you. Think of it as having an extra design engineer on your staff!