• What's different between Non Vpro and ME disable configuration?

    What's different between Non Vpro and ME disable configuration? Can I  say Non Vpro=ME disable ? If not , what's different?   Thanks~!!
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  • Mesh Commander (Remote Desktop works over LAN only)

    Hi, I am using Mesh Commander 0.5.7 for Mac. I can connect over LAN and use the "Remote Desktop" feature with no problem, however when trying to connect using public IP, despite being able to connect and view system s...
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  • Intel AMT and VLAN Configuration

    Is it possible to configure a VLAN for the Intel AMT Network Interface? I'm using the Intel Manageability Commander Version 1.0.8 and AMT Version 11.7.0 Thanks
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  • Is it possible to simulate vpro in a virtual machine?

    I am currently working with vpro, trying to develop a program to control PCs using AMT, but I don't currently own any PC with a vpro chip, can I simulate AMT and KVM on a virtual machine?
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  • Management controller has not progressed far enough in its initialization

    Hi, I have some difficulties to perform deployment on some Dell Precision systems. Can someone help me with to following error message I get when running the command “ACUConfig.exe ConfigViaRCSOnly <fqdn>...
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  • Circumventing Intel ME / AMT "hacker software"

    Intel's ME toolkit founder Ylian Saint-Hilaire describes AMT as "Hacker Software" in this video here (same as above).  Recently his statements have been demonstratively proven. 1a. What are the various methods In...
  • Intel ME updates for q77 and q87 chipset systems not provided by Vendor eg ASUS ?

    How does one obtain Intel ME updates for q77 and q87 chipset systems not provided by Vendor eg ASUS ?
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  • Good PC for using KVM

    I want to be able to use the KVM feature of AMT, but the machine I have (HP ProDesk G3 600 SFF) doesn't allow KVM (it seems to be disabled). Are there some machines out there that have a proven track record with KVM t...
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  • Intel Capability Licensing Service Client is obsolete

    Hi, I've patched the ME vulnerability using Intel's SA-00086 detection tool. However a message is saying an Intel service is obsolete (see screenshot). There's no link to a patch and I could not find anything on Inte...
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  • Can't configure a Dell Latitude E5540 in Host configuration mode. no errors in log...?

    Computer is running Windows 7 x64 in Legacy/BIOS mode with Dells latest driver for ME, BIOS and ME firmware.   2018-02-14 09:11:21: Thread:2308(DETAIL) : ACU.dll, Category: SetCompatibilityMode Source: ACUDll.cp...
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  • Using SOL

    On my HP ProDesk G3 600 SFF PC, I am able to use some of the AMT functionality: power functions, agent presense, system defense, etc. It seems like the SOL is partially working because when connecting using either Me...
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  • Can You Help Simplify vPro?

    Hello Intel vPro experts!   I remember seeing vPro live when Intel used to do Technical Solutions Trainings (TST) on the road   That was 4/5 years ago on the 3rd generation NUC!   Being able to remot...
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  • Boot Configuration

    Have a server dropped off and it has boot up issues. Could someone send me to a link or something that tells me what the setup process is for booting up a Precision T5400 with two hard drives. Raid? not Raid? In bios ...
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  • Disabling AMT

    Most of our HP workstations have AMT. Our management has decreed that we disable AMT based on the recent security advisory. We've never provisioned our systems. We struggled through running the tools in May to pull in...
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  • AMT vulnerability

    I am looking to find some concrete information on what steps will need to be taken in order to mitigate the AMT vulnerability (CVE-2017-5689) in our environment and would appreciate any help/information that can be pr...
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  • How can we change the AMT default password from admin by script?

    Good morning, We need to change the AMT password on 40k machines in SCCM from admin to something secure. How can we do this? I cant seem to find a way to make this work in a script. Someone must have done this, I ca...
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  • Automating Intel AMT MEBx Configuration

    Hi All,   Currently we have a scenario, To prevent the Intel AMT attacks, we are following the below manual steps on the machines.   1. Login to MEBx with default password "admin" by pressing Ctrl-P durin...
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  • Researchers Found Another Major Security Flaw in Intel CPUs

    Subject article posted January 12 2018   see Researchers Found Another Major Security Flaw in Intel CPUs - ExtremeTech   From what I can tell the VPRO and AMI interfaces are accessible from the internet....
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  • Missing Boot Options on AMT WebUI

    Hello everyone   I have a strange behavior with my IPC system.  After unprovisioning the system I can not enable boot options any more. The boot option "Boot from local hard drive" is lost. See screen-shot...
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  • NTEL-SA-00075 Detection does not detect status in registry

    Hello, I am about to scan our enviroment in order to check the status on the client. I downloaded the tool from .Download INTEL-SA-00075 Detection and Mitigation Tool . At first glance it seems to work correctly. The...
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