• how to enable vpro feature of a non vpro processor?

    Please help me find work around on how to enable vpro feature of a non vpro processor? Also if the non vpro proc works well with vpro networking.
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  • Is there a log somwhere for the Intel MC WoL Service?

    I Installed the Intel Managebility Commander on a SCCM server. I get the service installed and running and the right click menu entries work fine.   Is there a log for the service that i can monitor to see if th...
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  • PXE winpe cannot operate with the disk while remote pxe command by AMT: RemoteControl.exe. PXE Linux works fine.

    Hello dear experts, We have automated the Operate System deployment of an Intel devices: DELL 7040/7050 computers. We use Linux PXE deployment and we have 2 OS being deployed: Linux Ubuntu and Win10 RS3 (WinPE develo...
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  • Powershell module TLS not working

    Hi All...   I'm having issues using powershell to communicate with my Intel AMT devices. It's been working just fine before, but now i get a Schannel error 70 (protocol error)   I guess it's because of In...
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  • IntelSCS SCCM Addon not detecting SCCM installation

    Hi All,   I'm having a hard time installing the SCCm addon. It's having issues detecting the SCCm installation on the server. I get the following in the ACCMAddon.log file   2018-09-18 11:30:38,334 - DEBU...
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  • Issue with installing SCCMAddon.exe (vPro AMT)

    Upon launching SCCMAddon.exe, I am prompted with the welcome screen which I click "next"  on. Then I come across the "select components" screen, with the three components: Intel Solutions Framework, Intel SCS pla...
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  • Intel VPro AMT 12 Configurations Problems

    Hi there   We got the new HP Elitedesk 800 G4 DM 65W for testing purposes, the Machine has ME and our SCS has Version We try to Provisiion the Machines in 2 Steps:   1. OneTouch-Pro...
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  • Provisioning error in different LANs

    I have some trouble in trying to remotely configure AMT computers. Our infrastructure and configuration rely on a single RCS server, which does not require OTP nor hello messages (Settings -> Advanced Configuratio...
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  • How to enable vPro

    I would like to enable/disable vPro. on my HP Elitebook model 8460p with:    1) Intel motherboard QM67, Revision 04,    2) Intel Core i5-2520M 2.50GHz CPU    3) socket 988BrPGA  ...
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  • Cannot connect to a device using Intel Manageability Commander

    Hello,   I am in middle of testing Intel SCS functionality in SCCM 1702 CB. When ever i try to connect to a device using Intel Manageability command , it gives me this error. Following are installed on the co...
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  • New model Dells with MEBX v12.0/Intel ME v12.0 firmware Failing Config via RCS v10.0 Provisioning

    Hello, We started receiving new model Dell computers with MEBX v12.0 / Intel ME v12.0 firmware. They are failing to Configure via the Intel RCS v10.0.11.35 Server in Database Mode.   However, Remote Configurat...
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  • skylake cpu video flicker issue

    Does intel or anyone out there have a fix for the intel cpu skylake video flicker issue? this is really bad for intel to release CPU so fast but no support.?? AMD does not have these types of issues...
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  • Does your motherboard need to support vPro [lenovo]

    Hi Guys,   I've been relatively ignorant to the fact that vPro exists, and only just started looking into it. I work at an IT help-desk and stumbled upon it, really. We typically run with Lenovo T-series noteb...
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  • Error using Intel AMT Configuration Utility

    I'm attempting to use the Intel AMT Configuration Utility and I'm receiving the following error: "This configuration option is not available because the system does not support host-based configuration."
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  • Intel AMT & MeshCommander

    Hello Intel Community,   I am currently experiencing issues with Intel AMT and Meshcommander. I am having issues with installing the CentOS ISO via Intel AMT & Meshcommander. Also, while using MeshCommander ...
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  • Where can change WEBUI account/password in Enterprise provision(PKI) through SCS11?

    Hi, If using 16992 provision, the login account/password of WEBUI will be admin/P@ssw0rd. But I'm wondering if I'm using 16993 provision, where can modify WEBUI account/password? ACS in SCS console? or ??????  ...
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  • Provision AMT 4.0 machine in Enterprise mode

    I have a single AMT 4.0 machine I am trying to provision in enterprise mode PSK using open MDTK version 0.1.34 I found at this url http://www.meshcommander.com/open-manageability. It appears to be getting stuck while ...
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  • Failed to authenticate with the RCS

    Connected to the Intel(R) Management Engine Interface driver, version Entering Exiting Intel(R) AMT  in PROVISIONING_MODE_ENTERPRISE Entering Exiting Exiting Entering Exiting Calling functio...
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  • HP ProDesk 600G3 With AMT Provisioned No UEFI PXE Boot possible with Bios>2.06

    Hello,   We have a problem with the HP ProDesk 600G3. With the default Bios version  (version 2.06) and AMT Provisioned Everything works fine. 00.02.06 Rev.A 18.3 MB Jul 3, 2017 Due to Meltdown and Spectr...
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  • Intel SCS on SCCM 1702

    Hello, We recently upgraded to SCCM 1702. Since we upgraded to the newer version, Intel AMT hasnt worked. So, what I did was I uninstalled intel SCS SCCM Addon and thought that i can redo and that might fix it. when ...
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