• HP 800 G2 - AMT event log: system boot failure

    We experience irrelevant ATM event log on HP 800 G2 machines. We have arount 1000 of such machines and bout 30% displays in AMT event log: system boot failure events. But this event means nothing as windows 7 installe...
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  • Anti-Theft Technology has arrived. 

    AT-p has arrived & here's a few links of relevance.   WIKI http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-2384   Who's Offering? http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-2033#BP5  Lenovo T400   Pres...
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  • Intel Anti-theft Technology at IDF 2010

    You may have previously read that the Intel Developer Forum was held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco last month, where thousands of your closest friends attended this annual event, which included keynote addres...
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  • Protecting your Digital Identify Using IPT-PKI

    Currently, the most common way people verify their digital identity is by using a password. Exceptions often times are found with online banking, where most use a second factor for authentication (e.g. OTP token or ev...
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  • UNTE ID666666 HP Slice for Meeting Rooms

    We installed Intel Unite on a "HP Slice for Meeting Rooms" (which was designed for Skype for Business) and installed Intel Unite. After restart we keep getting error ID666666 from Unite. I understand that Unite only w...
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  • Synchronizing / Copying Intel AMT Provisioning Profiles Between Intel SCS Servers

    There are some situations in which it would be nice to be able to export and import Intel Setup and Configuration Service (Intel SCS) provisioning profiles...   Environments with multiple Intel RCS servers to ac...
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  • Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years? Millennials and Their Workplace Technology Requirements

    My kids are being asked this and many other questions for the first time. As you might guess, both of my children are the celebrated/feared/derided millennials, who are, and in my case will soon be, entering the workp...
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  • Intel Manageability Commander with Microsoft SCCM integration

    I am excited to announce the release of Intel® Manageability Commander.  Built from the widely used MESHCommander application, Intel® Manageability Commander will make it significantly easier to take ad...
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  • SCCM Right Click Menu for AMT Out of Band Functions

    While working with the new SCCM version, I noticed that I was missing some Intel AMT Integration that I used to have, and decided to look into it and made a right click menu to get back some of the functionality. Afte...
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  • SE7210TP1-E server board loses memmory

    Have a SE7210TP1-E server board and since I added a nvidia ge force 6200  pci graphics card the system reserved 1 gig of ram for it self.   Question is WHY? Have 4 gig ram onboard, if I unplug graphics car...
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  • Intel 7260 Bluetooth issues

    I had the same issues as many that posted: No Bluetooth connectivity, Bluetooth showing the yellow triangle in device manager, etc.I even purchased a Bluetooth dongle which showed as functioning properly in device man...
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  • Riding and Taming Security’s Perfect Storm with Intel Core vPro

    Cyberthreats, unfortunately, never take a holiday. In fact, with each passing day, attacks become more numerous, organized, powerful, and, with the explosion in smart devices and cloud-based systems, more opportunisti...
    Mayura Garg
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  • Remotely Unlocking Encrypted Drives using Intel vPro Technology

    Periodically the question comes up “Can I use Intel vPro Technology to remotely unlock an encrypted hard drive ?”, either because unattended encrypted systems need to be booted outside of business hours an...
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  • Happily Ever After: Windows 10 and Intel Core vPro a Perfect Match for Better Productivity, Security, Manageability

    By the time a couple is married 21 years, they’ve had their share of disagreements, unlocked the mysteries of the other, and, happily, come to the realization that they’re better together than not.   ...
    Mayura Garg
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  • Activate Intel AMT in few clicks

    With ePO Deep Command v2.4 you can activate Intel AMT v7+ out of the box without using Intel RCS or the need of purchasing configuration certificate. You can even put the Systems into Admin Control Mode. Please refer ...
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  • Graphics Driver issue

    I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and now when my grandson tries to play Minecraft he gets an error message that the graphics driver needs updated.  I determined that it currently has a Intel Drive...
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  • Intel Skylake K-sku overclocking (TBD - be updated)

    Coming soon, now I am in testing step....
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  • Multiple Alarms Feature

    Hello, I am trying to remotely configure 150ish PC's with multiple AMT Alarms.  I can see from this webpage that AMT 8.0 and later supports the Multiple Alarm Feature, and all of our machines are 8.1 or newer....
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  • Configuring Intel vPro with Linux in User Control Mode

    This is the second post about configuring Intel vPro with Linux, the first post was about Intel Setup and Configuration Service 7.2 that is a special version designed for Linux users, actually only supported on SUSE L...
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  • Intel AMT Firmware / Remote Configuration Hash Matrix

    To ensure you purchase the correct Remote Configuration Certificate for your environment, here is a Matrix to reference. Depending on your preference of certificate vendor, you may need to check with your OEM and upda...
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