• Support for Intermediate Certificates in Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) 12.0

    Intermediate certificates act as a proxy for a Root certificate authority (CA) which is traditionally kept behind several layers of security i.e. “offline”, kept in a highly secure environment with limited...
    created by martin.lloyd
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Support for Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) 12.0, Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) 12.0 and Intel® Manageability Commander 2.0

    Intel Setup and Configuration Software (SCS) 12.0 now defaults to TLS 1.1 to encrypt communications with Intel AMT. The TLS 1.0 protocol has identified security vulnerabilities, including CVE-2011-3389 and CVE-2014-35...
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  • Synchronizing / Copying Intel AMT Provisioning Profiles Between Intel SCS Servers

    There are some situations in which it would be nice to be able to export and import Intel Setup and Configuration Service (Intel SCS) provisioning profiles...   Environments with multiple Intel RCS servers to ac...
    last modified by sdavies
  • HP 800 G2 - AMT event log: system boot failure

    We experience irrelevant ATM event log on HP 800 G2 machines. We have arount 1000 of such machines and bout 30% displays in AMT event log: system boot failure events. But this event means nothing as windows 7 installe...
    last modified by bartlomiej.belko
  • Need Help? A new support tool is now available - Enroll Today!

    Things are changing around here! Do you want to receive support direct from an Intel engineer? Intel® Business Support is a new portal designed to provide faster, more personalized assistance. Users submit ticket...
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  • vPro Project Team Resources for Success

    Implementing Intel vPro in a production environment is "easy" in comparison to a major project such as domain migration, email setup\migration, ERP setup\update, or changes due to business acquisition or divestiture.&...
    created by TerryCutler