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Day 2 at ManageFusion

Posted by FrankEngelman Apr 10, 2008


The Norton Backup Exec looks very promising as a receovey tool now that it uses WinPE...Maybe we can take a recovery point and convert to VMware or MS VM image- possibly use this as temporary system for users while their system is being worked on?



The Altiris CMS version 7 (beta) integrates many of the Norton suite features- of interest to me was the choice of PCanywhere, RDP OR VNC as a remote control



Symantec announced at the event that they purchased AppsStream and plan to intogetrate it into Altiris NS.



The next gen Ghost product includes many new features including Ghconfig, which can be used to rename a system.. this may be useful for easily renaming waterfalled (hand me down) systems...







Day 1 at ManageFusion

Posted by FrankEngelman Apr 10, 2008


There were two sessions at ManageFusion 2008 in saving energy on clients in the corporate environment. Almost all hands when up when the question was asked "How many of you have a corporate initiative for green IT?"


HP is pursuing a "top down" power management tool from Verdiem Surveyor for the corporate environment as well as a "bottoms up" tool (HP Power Manager" for installation on clients that lets employees see the actual $ impact of their energy savings using a simple slider bar. I will post the HP link for the client tool on my BLOG when it becomes available



Gartner says PCs consume 40% of the power, servers are 22% even though most enterprises think it's the servers



"It's really neat that HP and others are offering tools to shut down systems to save power, but I want my users to be able to use their system as soon as they come to work without waiting for patches..."   and the answer from the presenter was "...what you need is Intel AMT... it can wake systems for patching and put them back to sleep..." The audience had not heard of this...



The hard drive password issue that many companies are facing doing wakeup&patch can be solved by Danbury and a good ISV console



The Altiris Backup Exec Recovery solution using WinPE looks very promising



I'm on my way to the Altiris Manage Fusion conference in Las Vegas...I know, I know, tough duty ... but after just getting off 24 hours of continuous air travel with layovers to meet with Intel vPro design engineers and the Intel IT Operations support staff in the Middle East, I am a bit tired.


Since I work in the Intel IT Innovation Centre where I test new vPro console offerings from various vendors and well as developing support models for Intel IT OPs, I'm looking forward to reviewing the new Altiris offerings and will post my findings here... good night- my body clock says 4 AM

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