Intel® Manageability Commander (IMC) is a lightweight console used to connect and use the features of Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT). Authenticated and authorised users are able to connect to configured AMT devices to access services such as power control, remote hardware-based keyboard, video, mouse (remote desktop), hardware inventory and more.


Additionally IMC integrates with Microsoft* System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) version 1511 and to provide reliable, TCP based mass wake capabilities for collections of configured AMT systems.

The IMC console extensions will automatically perform an AMT power-on action against collections of AMT systems for deployments triggered in SCCM. Additionally you can use IMC to manually power on collections of supported AMT systems directly from the SCCM console using the right-click context menu (see below).


Download and extract Intel® Manageability Commander. During installation, ensure that "Microsoft* SCCM Console Extension" is selected.

NOTE: This component can only be selected when installing on a Microsoft* SCCM primary site and when wake-on-LAN is enabled for scheduled tasks.


During installation you will be asked to specific the logon account for the "Intel(R) Managebility Commander SCCM Partner Notification File Service".

Console Extensions.GIFService_Account.GIF

The specified account should have "Logon As A Service" user rights as the installation creates a system service.


NOTE: Digest authentication credentials cannot be used when utilising IMC from SCCM against a collection, only Kerberos authentication is supported.


In the example below we've used the service account responsible for running the Intel Remote Configuration Service. Intel SCS is a seperate component installed to support remote configuration of Intel AMT.


Please see this link for information on Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS)


If the account doesn't have  "Logon As A Service" privileges then the warning below will be displayed during installation. Use the Local Security Policy to assign the required user right to the service account.

Intel MC WoL Service.PNGLogon As A Service.GIF


Once installation has been completed on the primary site, the SMS_EXECUTIVE service must be restarted to ensure features show up in Microsoft* SCCM.


Additionally, if the Microsoft* SCCM console was open during installation, then this will need to be closed and re-opened.


From the SCCM console right-cick against a collection and the option to "Power on with Intel Managebility Commander" is available.


It is recommended that you test the functionaility manually first if you have configured AMT systems in the collection.


When performing a mass wake from SCCM on a collection, IMC will prompt the user for the optional use of TLS for the remote connections.

NOTE:When AMT wake is used as part of a deployment, IMC will default to using TLS for all remote connections.

Power On with Intel Manageability Commander.GIFPower On with Intel Manageability Commander - TLS option.GIF

When performing a mass wake from SCCM on a collection, IMC will remain open so that the per-system status can be reviewed (see below)

Perform a bulk power operation.GIF

The final step will be to logon on using the service acccount that runs the "Intel(R) Managebility Commander SCCM Partner Notification File Service" specified earlier. Once logged in run Intel Manageability Commander and connect to a provisioned AMT device, then disconnect and logoff.


This saves configuration changes for that account and ensures the "Intel(R) Managebility Commander SCCM Partner Notification File Service" is able to power on AMT devices unattended.