I had the same issues as many that posted: No Bluetooth connectivity, Bluetooth showing the yellow triangle in device manager, etc.I even purchased a Bluetooth dongle which showed as functioning properly in device manager most of the time. Sometimes the yellow triangle showed up with that also. To remedy this issue with the dongle, I would disable it, then enable it and the yellow triangle would disappear. But, I still could not connect any Bluetooth devices to my PC. They would pair, but not be able to connect.I discussed this issue with tech support of my PC manufacturer and he agreed with my theory that the cause was probably Windows 10 and I would likely have to wait for a future update. Believe me. I tried everything I saw on blogs to fix this and nothing worked. Then on a whim, I decided to uninstall everything related to the Wi-Fi card and Bluetooth. I used Revo Uninstaller Pro (there's a free version). It does a better job of removing everything associated with the program you want removed than Programs and Features in Control Panel. When I restarted the PC after uninstalling, I noticed that I still had connection to my router and the yellow triangle on Intel Wireless Bluetooth in device manager disappeared. I did not use the driver disc that came with the card. I immediately attempted to connect my Soundblaster Jam headset to the PC and, what do you know, it worked! It has worked for the last two days, knock on wood. Maybe, my solution would be helpful to others.