Hi All,


First time posting, so hopefully I give enough information.  The environment is a SCCM 2012 R2 / HP EliteDesk 800 and HP Folio 1040 G1.  I am wanting to get Out Of Band Management working so that clients can KVM at a BIOS level and initiate PXE boots remotely.


I have roughly followed this guide (with input from this community and technet) ;



I have created internal certificates as per the guide.  I have deployed the configuration profile as per the guide.

I have not used a third party certificate as i'm not sure where to load it into (I do have a GoDaddy Certificate if required).

I have installed SCS / Vpro integration with SCCM and have the collections / task sequences and packages. 

The problems I am facing are;

1) In SCCM, machines are not changing status from "Detected" or "Not Supported", I only have about three that say "externally provisioned"

2) The ones that do show as externally provisioned - I am unable to Vpro to, they have done a few different behaviors (probably depending on the tweaking i've been doing) and will either a) Connect and prompt for user permssion  (only had this on one machine and can't replicate it.  Also would like to not use user consent).

                    b) either connect and then disconnect straight away

                     c) not connect - host not found

                    d) not connect - machine actively refused connection.

3) SCCM seems to be adding the wrong computer object, example machine name PC1234, SCCM is adding PC1234ime.  I have excluded the AD container that houses the IME objects, from SCCM discovery so it shouldn't be seeing them.  The problem with IME objects being in SCCM, is that it stops it's native remote control from working as it should be looking for it's real hostname.

I have been at this for about 4 weeks on and off for a client and it is driving me crazy.  Please help and let me know if any log files are required etc.

Thanks in advance,