Intel® SCS with SSD Pro Series Plug-in

Unlock the potential!


The value you find in an Intel® Solid-State Drive Professional 1500 Series (Intel® SSD Pro 1500 Series) is built-in. Get even more value from your drives with a new plug-in from Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS). This allows IT departments to easily access information and configure the drives in your managed devices.


Intel® SCS’s new modular framework allows you to add “plug-in” functionality and feature sets into an existing Intel SCS installation (v9.0 and above). With one such plug-in, you can use Intel SCS to tune your Intel® SSD Pro 1500 Series drives and collect drive health data and allow IT to make proactive business decisions.



Discoverable and configurable through Intel® SCS

Rollup of drive health statistics for proactive health management & monitoring


Enhanced Security

Protects Data (Self-Encrypting)

No Encryption Overhead

OPAL Key Management


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