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If the configuration of Intel AMT is compatible, multiple applications are able to communicate and utilize the technology.    A common example is an environment with Microsoft SCCM for PC lifecycle management and McAfee ePO for endpoint security.   Both consoles can communicate to Intel AMT if the underlying configuration is compliant.


Two articles have been posted to summarize the main steps for the following scenarios (click on the title\words for the respective document)


The materials intentionally point to McAfee ePO Deep Command in connection with Intel SCS for the configuration of Intel AMT. 

McAfee ePO Deep Command provides beyond-the-operating-system security management.    The product is well aligned with Intel AMT for discovery, configuration and usage of the technology.   Plus - once Intel AMT is configured other capable applications can utilize.


What might not be known by all - there are different features and functions supported by Intel AMT.   Not only a generation or version difference, but a level of manageability.


The following article on McAfee Community walks through the good, better, and best scenarios.


McAfee Communities: Deep Command - Good, Better, and Best Scenarios

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