Hello again! My team has been working on a use case reference design called the Intel vPro Platform Solution Manager (quite a mouthful i know!). So what is it? Well, we were sitting around one day after an epic nerf gun war asking ourselves “how can we make management with Intel® vPro™ even easier to use?” (yes we actually say “circle-R” and “T-M” while we discuss this, but it’s mostly as a joke… unless you’re one of our legal or marketing folks; in that case we’re very serious). We’ve made great strides in simplifying the setup and configuration of vPro (if you’re not familiar with Host Based Configuration you must check it out!).

So, how can we make management of a platform easier? We write some software of course! The Platform Solution Manager (PSM) is a plugin-based framework that allows us to connect to a vPro based platform and exercise the various AMT features of that platform. For starters we can:

  • View and set Alarm Clock settings
  • View the AMT Event log
  • Perform IDE-Redirection
  • View Hardware Inventory
  • Connect via Remote KVM (on supported platforms)
  • Power Management
  • Serial-Over-LAN
  • And More!


PSM allows you to connect to multiple vPro platforms concurrently and quickly switch between them. If you don’t want to continually switch, you can “pop-out” any of the plugins above into a separate window!


“But what about all my existing management tools?” Well I’m glad you asked. You can launch PSM from your existing management tool (just pass the hostname and credentials, or only hostname if using Kerberos) to PSM and it will automatically connect for you!


If you’re using vPro, download PSM and give it a shot and let me know what you think! (Oh, and I was just kidding about the epic nerf gun battle)