In the world of computing, new mobile devices are all the rage.  And Ultrabooks are among the latest additions to this growing array of devices.  The combination of Citrix XenClient with of 3rd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based UltrabooksTM can enable a more flexible and nimble client computing environment.


Let’s start with Ultrabooks.  Among the sleekest PCs in the market, Ultrabooks promise to revolutionize mobile computing.  Why is that?  In additional to being ultra responsive and ultra sleek, OEMs are delivering new and innovative Ultrabook designs referred to as convertibles and detachable.  These devices combine the capabilities of a tablet with those of a PC.  They can be instantly transformed from a PC with a full keyboard and mouse, into a touch-enabled tablet.  No longer do employees have to think about which device to take with them, where their content is stored, or wonder if a presentation created on their PC will look the same on their tablet. This new class of Ultabooks is all about the user and represent the ultimate in flexible, no compromise computing. To learn more now, visit:  Ultrabook™ for Business.


But managing and securing this growing array of mobile devices can be a daunting challenge.  That’s where Citrix XenClient comes in.  XenClient extends the benefits of desktop virtualization to Ultrabooks, enhancing the management, reliability and security of these devices.  XenClient is also optimized to work with Intel vPro Technology.  As a result, it’s able to take advantage of client-based capabilities like hardware enhanced encryption acceleration, virtualization, and trusted execution, all of which can help strengthen security. XenClient also takes advantage of client based execution and graphics to optimize end user experience.  Finally XenClient compliments the mobility of Ultrabooks with support for offline mode.  Offline mode enables employees to work from anywhere and at any time, whether online or offline with full access to their desktop applications.


Transform the way you and your users think about PCs with the combined power of 3rd generation Intel Core vPro processor-based Ultrabooks and Citrix  XenClient.


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