From Blair Muller's "Integrating SCCM 2012 with SCS 8.1" (to read the full blog, please click the link below):


"I was recently on a project that required me to integrate SCS 8.1 with SCCM 2012.

In case you are unaware, Intel has provided the integration scripts for SCCM 2007. They can be downloaded from here. I have modified their solution for SCCM 2012.

It's a good idea to have a good thorough understanding of the solution that Intel provide for SCCM 2007. My solution is based around it. I will refer to sections of that manual.


The steps I provide are based on my experience. I am only focused on discovering and configuring systems. I haven't focused on the maintenance and unconfiguration tasks. If you need to add these tasks to your project and need assistance, drop me a line.


This blog is broken up into 9 sections:

1. Adding the Out of Band Role Management Role to your SCCM server
2. Extending the Hardware Inventory for SCCM 2012
3. Modifying the SCS profile for SCCM 2012
4. Creating the collections required for the discovery and configuration of your     

5. Creating the Discovery and Configurations packages
6. Creating the Task Sequences required for the discovery and configuration of

    your clients
7. Creating the Deployments (SCCM 2007 - Advertisements)
8. Creating the Status Filter rules to automatically update the Intel collections

9. Queries to help you troubleshoot

I'll explain how it works in a nutshell. The discovery deployment is advertised to all your systems. The discovery runs and interrogates your system. A Hardware Inventory reports back to your SCCM server on this information. If the system can be configured it is automatically placed into a collection where the configuration runs.

The Configuration deployment configures your system and reports back to your SCCM server using a hardware Inventory. It also forces the SCCM server to check the AMT status meaning it will show up as externally provisioned and you will be able to use the SCCM OOB Native tools.


When each deployment finishes a status filter rule runs and updates the collections.


To make this happen follow the below steps."


To see the steps and more, visit his blog below:

Blair Muller's Blog: Integrating SCCM 2012 with SCS 8.1