McAfee® DeepDefender™

McAfee® DeepDefender™ with DeepSafe™ technology protects against known and unknown threats. It uses virtualization technology included on Intel® vPro™ Platforms.



  • EPO Server – ePolicy Orchestrator
  • VSE – Virus Scan Enterprise Workstation
  • McAfee Agent
  • HIPS – Host Intrusion Protection

Intel® vPro™ Platforms

Systems based on the Intel® vPro™ Platform include Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT), which provides the capability for IT departments to manage client systems even when the PCs are powered down or operating systems are unresponsive.

Protect / Defend / Update / Diagnose / Repair

Together, McAfee® DeepDefender™ on Intel® vPro™ Platforms provide IT organizations with the ability to proactively protect, defend, update, remotely diagnose, and repair their HW and SW assets.

DeepDefender™ provides hardware assisted security

  • Real time protection
  • Blocking stealth threats
  • CPU and Memory monitoring
  • Zero-day threat detection
  • Automatic threat blocking and quarantine


DeepDefender™ Prevents:

  • Buffer overflow
  • HW level exploits
  • Rootkits


Intel® Active Management Technology provides:

  • Remote power on capability (S3/S4/S5)
  • Remote boot and edit BIOS settings
  • Remote boot to CD drive / ISO image / HDD
  • Fast Call For Help
  • KVM Remote Control


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