One of the great tools that comes with the Intel® Setup and Configuration Software is the Configurator tool.  It’s a command line tool that you use to configure AMT on your Intel® vPro™ systems. It’s designed with the idea of easy packaging and deployment using standard off-the-shelf tools for software deployment.  The Configurator is capable of doing quite a few different tasks that help you discover, configure and maintain AMT on your Intel® vPro™ clients.  Each of these capabilities has a number of different options you can use to meet specific needs you may have.


In order to give you a starting point, I’ve put together a list of some common example command lines that use the configurator to perform a number of common tasks along with brief explanations of what each example will do.  You can find detailed information about the command line options in the Intel® SCS documentation.


You can find the command line examples here:


Let me know if there’s a command line you’d like to see added to the list.s